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Donate Used or Spare Items
Support the poor and needy in African by donating used or spare clothes, shoes, bags, computers, televisions and other useful personal effects. Someone badly needs them to survive in some remote places in Africa.
Donate Funds
Can you sponsor us financially to enable us provide small grants to help poor and needy breadwinners start some petty trading to support their families and work themselves out of poverty?
Become a Partner
You can join our partners and pledge regular monthly tokens to help fund our ongoing projects in Africa. Help make a difference in someone's life.
The Mission of our charity is to advance the Christian religion in England and Ghana; and help relief poverty in Ghana by: carrying out activities to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and provide grants and material support to poor and needy families, individuals and communities. This mission is enshrined in the Object Clause of the charity's governing document - The ANSAH Foundation Trust Deed.

The charity's object clause as specified in the Trust Deed reads as follows:

(1) To advance the Christian religion for the public benefit in England and Ghana by: Distributing Christian literature; Sponsoring the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ on radio and television; and Providing grants and capacity building assistance to churches and other organisations working to advance the Christian religion.
(2) To relieve poverty in Ghana by providing grants, items and services to poor and needy individuals, families and communities, and other organisations working to relieve poverty. "

We solicit funds as well as donation of spare and/or used items including clothes, bags, shoes, televisions and other useful items from individuals and donor organisations in the UK. We organise and ship these materials to our verified poor and needy beneficiaries in Ghana, West AFrica, using part of the funds raised to foot the shipping bills. The beneficiaries may use some of the items themselves to meet their own clothing needs, and sell the rest locally to raise funds to meet other living expenses.

Our ultimate aim is to help get people out of poverty and we employ the "Teach them to fish", rather than the "Give them fish" approach to provide them a sustainable exit route from poverty. Here, we aim to provide small capital funds to the ambitious among our beneficiaries to start some petty trading or similar income generating ventures to enable them generate income for themselves without having to depend on regular handouts. It is interesing to note that what could be one family's McDonalds one day lunch bill in the UK may be all that someone in Africa needs to strart a petty trading business.

We also aim to, where necessry, sponsor the training of youths of poor and needy families in basic employable skilss like dressmaking, hairdressing, carpentry, masonry and the like to help equip them to venture into self-empolyments. This would help them avoid the menace of youth unemployment which is rampant in Africa and make money to support their families. However, the amount of support and assistance we can provide to these less fortunate individuals in Africa largely depends on the amount of support we get from the UK public and donor organisations.

Pursuant to our object of advancing the Christian religion, we aim to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by sponsoring the preaching of the message of salvation on radio and television; provide grants and capacity building support to needy churches and ministers of the Gospel; and partner with big Christian literature organisations to distribute free Christian materilas to the general public to inform them about the Christian faith and help bring many to salvation.

How You Can Help
You can support our mission by donating funds to help finance our operations. Just click on the 'donate' button above and following our secure payment process via PayPal to make your donation. You can make a one-off donation or regular donations by selecting the appropriate check-box in the process. You can also donate spare and/or used items preferabley clothes, shoes, bags, computers and televisions. You have no idea what difference your small donation can make in the life of someone battling with poverty.
Companies and businesses may have obsolete computers and IT equipment that they want to get rid of due to equipment upgrade. These could be very useful for our projects in Africa: please pass them to us. Are you an IT retail store and you have some store-rejected IT stuff to dispose of? Give us a call today. These items could make a huge difference in someone's life. You can also donate funds to support our operations. Any amount of help would be very much appreciated.
Donor Organisations and Charities in the UK aiming to partner with or support faith-based and/or poverty relief charities or projects in Africa are specially welcome. We have dedicated volunteers on the ground with a diligent administrative machinery to esure effective due dilligence, monitoring, control and reporing. Donor organisations can assist us by providing grants (restricted or unresptricted) to equip us financially to deliver help to the numerous people suffering the brunt of poverty in Ghana, West Africa.
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Current Projects

Our first project is dubbed "Help Needy Ghana" and it purports to seek assistance and donations from all phylantropists in the UK to help relief and/or alleviate abject poverty among derprived individuals and families in Ghana. There is no state support for the poor in Ghana like all African countries, and this leaves a huge number of vulnerable people in very deplorable states of want. The poor and vulnerable in the country have to depend on hand outs from nuclear and extended family members who may be fighting their own fiancial battles. Such support is often times unreliable and woefully inadequate, and when they fail, the poor and vulnerable are left to their own devices in fighting the battle of srvival against poverty. We aim to offer a helping hand and a glimmer of hope to some lucky fellows among the suffering lot by marshalling as much donations as we can from the genersity of the UK public and donor organisations to support them. We hereby appeal to all who have the spirit of charity and empathy to partner with us to help our less fortunate fellows in Ghana, West Afria. Get involved now! Get in touch!
Our Donors
We are greatful to all our donors and partners for your charitable donations and support. Thank you. We will be publishing your names in this column of our homepage very soon. We invite donations from individuals, companies, organisations and government institutions to support this worthy cause of helping the poor and needy in Ghana, West Africa.
Get In Touch
We welcome your contributions, comments, suggestions, etc to help us do better. Do you have any questions or need any explanations? Do get in touch and we will be glad to answer them.

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